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Sick of Facebook? MeWe Offers Social Media & Privacy

MeWe has a multitude of different features that allow users to organize and communicate in private CEO Mark Weinstein created the platform with privacy in mind being a huge privacy advocate himself With Facebook and other platforms censoring complicated and critical thinking, MeWe is the next big social Media It was coming to an end, finally. The 2016 election year was the most ridiculous example of the upper echelon controlling the board of play. Even social media, where political operatives worked to move their message through the likes and shares, was becoming much more troublesome with algorithims set up to make sure your average users would see more cats and baby pictures. It was time for a change and thats when I found MeWe. MeWe is a newer Social Media Network that touts its respect for the privacy of its members. Their tagline is "No Ads. No Tracking. No BS. Your world is #Not4Sale." They are also proud to say that they have the person who invented the web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, as an advisor. Mark Weinstein, Leading Privacy Advocate, CEO of MeWe, is known for calling out facebooks Mark Zuckerberg for his bullshit when it comes to his publc statements about privacy, even recently as January stating: "Facebook’s practices are incredibly invasive of our privacy. More to the point, they contradict it, thriving through our loss of it. Countless fact-based reports cite Facebook as responsible for cultural deterioration, murders and assassinations, weakening of democracy, heightened bullying and suicides amongst teens, relationships broken, jobs lost or not gotten, college applications rejected. Yet in the midst of this, the best you can do is to say you’ll give us more time to share with each other – so that you have more data about us to better sell us, target and monetize our wallets, while manipulating our thoughts and minds." Weinstein is serious about organizing privately and MeWe has consistently made privacy part of their values and mission. There are many different security and usability options in their platform that are worth mentioning. Privacy is number #1 There are a few main options that make using MeWe easier and more secure than most platforms on the market. Secret Chat : Secret chat is an encrypted peer to peer chat that can be used to comunicate discreetly with members of your family, friends. colleagues and poltical allies/ accomplices. This option only appears to be on mobile devices at this time. Groups : Groups are easy to join and easier to leave. No one can add you to a group without your permission which is a big bug to facebooks platform. The groups come with an auto chat that allows you to either post to the group feed and communicate or just communicate in the chat group. You can even hide the chat so that your application is not littered with communications you don't want to hear or see. Contacts : Adding contacts is a breeze with MeWe with a couple of different ways to do so. On the desktop or mobile phone you can click on your profile and click on "Contacts" to review or add more contacts. From there you are given the option to "Add New Friends to MeWe" This gives you a multitude of different options so that you, the user, can control how you are able to add people to your network. ​Organizing Privately Events option allows you to plan out different types of events : Private or Public. With the Calendar available, you are free to click on the date you want to schedule for your event, choose your cover photo, pick location, approve posts and many more functions. Great for organizers. My Cloud allows you to have 8gb of cloud storage for videos, documents, photos and more. If you want more storage you can pay 50 GB $ 4.99 / month ,100 GB $ 9.99 / month, or 500 GB $ 49.99 / month. Its that easy. (They have to make money to cover operating costs somehow.) All these features on a pleasant platform full of pastels and calm. Even when you start you are given a multitude of different animated happy faces to start your user experience off right.

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