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How to be Born Again into Enlightenment.

The first birth is only a physical birth; don't be satisfied with it. It is necessary but not enough. 

A second birth is needed. 

The first birth was through your mother and father; the second birth is going to be out of the mind. 

You have to slip out of the mind and that will be your rebirth -- you will be reborn. And, for the first time, trees will be greener than they are, and flowers will be more beautiful than they are, and life will be more alive than you have ever known it, because you can know it only to the extent that you are alive. You cannot know life if you are not alive. 

Whatsoever you are, you know life only up to that extent. 

Mind, and mind's hold on you, is the imprisonment.

The question is not how to know truth; the question is how to get rid of the mind, how to get rid of this constant ignoring, this ignorance; how to be just here naked, throbbing, streaming, flowing, overflowing, and meeting the truth that has already been there, that has always been there.

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