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What is Emotional Intelligence ( E.Q. )?

Emotional intelligence allows a person to recognize and embrace his/her own and other people's emotions, as well as to recognize their cause. 

Emotionally intelligent people develop their creative side more quickly and have the ability to deal with a particular problem in several different ways. Emotional intelligence also enables easier social integration.

Emotional intelligence consists of five components and those are: knowledge of own inner feelings, control over the intensity of emotions, self-motivation, recognition of other people's emotions and establishment and maintenance of relationships with other people. 

When it comes to the knowledge of own inner feelings, the key is to recognize them in the moment they happen. People who are sure about their feelings manage their life better and make more deliberate decisions (choosing a marriage partner, University, workplace, etc.). 

People who have the ability to control the intensity of emotions are able to calm themselves down and easily free themselves of depression, anxiety or irritability. Self-motivation is an essential quality because no matter how talented or capable we are, we will not achieve anything without persistent and long-term labor.

Emotionally intelligent people are able to motivate themselves, so they achieve better results. They control their impulses, think positively and are optimistic. 

Emotionally intelligent person have the ability to recognize other people's emotions, they can identify with them and help them. Also, they can easily identify the signals that indicate what other people want or need. 

The establishment and maintenance of relationships with other people is also an essential characteristic of an emotionally intelligent person. It depends on the recognition of other people's emotions and on the appropriate response to them. 

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