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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is requesting interested persons to submit comments concerning medical usefulness and impact of scheduling changes on availability for the medical use of 17 drug-like substances, one of these being CBD, or Cannabidiol. THE DEADLINE FOR LIFE-SAVING COMMENTS IS TODAY, SEPTEMBER 13TH, 2017 at 11:59 PM PLEASE CLICK THE LINK BELOW FOR THE FDA'S WEBSITE AND COMMENT: (1) EXTRACTED CBD FROM INDUSTRIAL HEMP IS NOT A MARIJUANA PRODUCT! (2) INDUSTRIAL HEMP CBD & OTHER EXTRACTS ARE NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS & SHOULD NOT BE REGULATED AS DRUGS! (3) INDUSTRIAL HEMP EXTRACTS & CBD ARE NOT, NOR SHOULD NEVER BE, CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES OR REGULATED IN ANY SUCH MANNER! (4) ANY PERSONAL OR FAMILY EXPERIENCE WITH MEDICAL SUCCESS FROM CBD PRODUCTS! Thanks for your help! Let's keep striving to save lives, Living Ultra-Violet 

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