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Buying factory farmed chicken from the US? Probably chlorinated.

" Jim Sumner, president of the US Poultry & Egg Export Council, said US chickens are treated humanely and are only washed with chlorine to make them 'extra safe' for consumers because it guards against food poisoning bugs (bacteria). He said the process was not harmful to consumers, adding: 'Sometimes these [animal welfare] organizations do not have a thorough understanding of the process or scientific facts.' Another reason poultry in the US is chlorinated is that farmers are not required to vaccinate against diseases such as Salmonella. Britain and the EU have widespread vaccination programs. Supporters of chlorine-washed chicken point out both the US and European food safety authorities have declared the chemicals used to wash chickens in the States do not pose any risk to human health. Tom Super, spokesman for the US National Chicken Council, said: 'Its [chlorine's] use makes the chicken safer. It is not present in the final product, it poses zero health risk.' But Jaydee Hanson, a senior policy analyst at the US Center for Food Safety, said: 'These chemicals are basically like the ones we put in our toilets to clean them. The question is why are chickens so contaminated in the first place. And the issue is that we are not doing a good job of raising chickens.' 

In the US there is not one single piece of federal law that governs how to raise chickens. There is not even a law which states that chickens must be stunned unconscious before they are slaughtered, although it is common practice. " 

To circumvent this buy pasture raised, free range, local chicken from farmers around you! 


Source: Why Chickens Are Washed In Chlorine?

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