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Is living in the Millennial Generation contradictory?

Being a millennial seems contradictory. We are told not to work our life away but then told we don't work hard enough. We are told that times were once harder to make money but when you make enough to pay your bills and that is literally it you contemplate what bills can be put off and what you can do to live off $100 for two weeks. We try to maintain standards by eating healthy and working out, but a burger costs $4 and a salad costs $10. You gain weight because you can't afford a healthier lifestyle while maintaining your bills and gas. So many of us drink. Choose drugs. Sex. It's an escape. A fill to the hole. Temporarily. That hole gets bigger because eventually even vodka can't drown out the thought of the debt with student loans you're going to be in. Depression. Anxiety. It all sinks in. Some of you are lucky to come from wealthy families that have helped you. Some of you work your hands off. You're not where other people are but, I want you to know, that no matter the stage you are in, you are worth something so incredibly valuable. 

Life in your 20's is hard, you're right. You'll figure it out and live beautifully, just get through it and keep pushing yourself to be the best, it'll end with a great life experience and success in your endeavors. 

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